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Flesh: It's What's For Dinner.

Ghouls are overrunning Chicago. With an appetite for the dead, it doesn't matter if it's road-kill, bodies from the morgue, or the recently buried. For Tucker Smith, life is now scarier than the horror novels he studies.

His girlfriend is feeling peckish for raw meat. His roommate dabbles in the Ghoul Culture. And his grunge rocker brother becomes involved in the black market supply of bodies. Tucker soon discovers that low-budget horror movies, reality TV shows, national food competitions, and cultural sensitivity collide with family secrets.

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Your cat is smoking and drinking whiskey. What do you do? Stage an intervention. When that doesn't work, you contact Al-A-Pet.

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When she plays Chopin, Kyong thinks of her fingers as ten individual Olympic athletes. Today, she discovers what it takes to win gold.

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