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Storytelling is at the heart of my profession. All areas of my vocation – writer, actor, voice actor – rely on the art of narrative.


My background in English literature and theatre has taught me that storytelling is at the core of all forms of communication. There is a natural intersection between acting and writing, because storytelling always requires at least two components: the one telling the story, and the one listening to it.


Any actor will tell you that a performance is not complete until an audience sees it. Live theatre in particular thrives on the instantaneous response of the audience. Actors gauge how well they are communicating by the level of energy coming from the house.


Even in voice-over, television, and film, where the actor is removed from immediate contact with an audience, there is still a form of feedback that completes the storytelling cycle.


As a voice actor, I focus on establishing a conversational and personal connection with the audience to convey the key points of the copy.


As a writer, I also engage in a fair amount of acting in my head. When composing a scene, I play all the parts. This “cast of thousands” approach always deepens my sympathy for my characters, even when their viewpoints may be vastly different from my own.


Please take a look around my website for information about my voice-over work, my writing, and my theatre. I always enjoy hearing back from the audience.

White Structure

What readers say:

"Intelligent horror."

"Interesting and entertaining."

"What an awesome book with a new twist on flesh eaters!"

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